Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy National Scrapbook Week #2

Hello Friends and Family!!

National Scrapbook week is going splendidly, and I can tell you I am having a wonderful time.
Yesterday, the first day of my celebration began with me winning a scrapbook contest!  I was so surprised to open up an email that said, "YOU WON"  National Scrapbook Day promotion at PaperCrafter's Corner.
Oh, my gosh!!  I originally entered the contest to try and win the $25.00 fee they were going to send to your local scrapbook store for your National Scrapbook Day crop.  I had no idea that you would win a bunch of scrapbook supplies to boot!  So I would like to publicly thank PaperCrafter's Corner for such a wonderful and generous prize.  http://www.papercrafterscorner.com/  Here is a link to their website if you would like to check them out.

When I came home last night, I wanted to make something, and to begin to pack my tote for my upcoming crops.  But, due to time issues, I only had time to begin packing.  (which only made me more excited for this weekend)

Tonight I decided I would make something no matter what.  I was successful and made a card.  Not one of my more fancy creations, but fun to make none the less.

I am about to stop for the night, but I will let you know what happens tomorrow.

If you make anything or have any scrappy ideas for this week, send me a note.

Happy Scrapping!!  xo

Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy National Scrapbook Week!

Good Morning Friends!

I cannot believe how long it has been since I took the time to post something on my blog.  Life gets in the way, and before you know it.....months have gone by without a  mention of what makes me incredibly happy, SCRAPBOOKING!!!!!!
True, I have still been making things here and there, but it is a hit and miss, and boy do I miss it!  :o)
With the quickly approaching National Scrapbook Day nearly here, of which I now celebrate it for two days, I have decided to make it stretch for a week and call it National Scrapbook week. I will attempt to do something every day this week, culminating with a Friday night crop, and all day Saturday crop as the grand finale.  Sounds like too much fun to be true!
You may be asking..."Why are you posting that picture, Rhonda"?  Well, I had an "AHA"  Scrapbooking moment yesterday.  I was reading through my many scrapbooking emails I get every day, and opened up one from Archievers.  I have only been there once, but it was a lot of fun.  Anyway, they had a little video put to music.  No, the video was not outstanding nor was the music.  But the content really went to my heart.  Basically it was showing the many reasons, "WHY" we scrapbook.
I started this hobby because there are so many things in life to remember.  I WANT to pass down memories to my family.  I WANT them to remember how important they were and ARE to me, and how much I LOVE THEM.  I will never be rich or famous, and I will never make some huge contribution to history, but I can make some small impression on my own family.
It is easy to get side tracked in scapbooking, making cards and making presents for people.  Don't get me wrong, those are wonderful things to do.  BUT I personally am going to make an effort to get back on track with why I started this to begin with.  To make a visual and touchable "blog in a book" of my family and what it means to me.
As silly as it seems to others, I AM A SCRAPPER.  I love my family, and I have a passion for this hobby.
I will let you know what I do scrappy for today, Monday April 30th, before I go to sleep tonight.
Have a wonderful day, and a wonderful start to National Scrapbook Week!!!  xo