Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Hello Friends and Family,

I am not missing and I am not forgetting Camp Scrap!

I just got a tad bit side tracked.  :o)

I was so inspired by Camp Scrap, (and using up my scraps), that I made a card out of scraps.  I was SO HAPPY with the card, it made me want to do something I have yet to try.  Submit my card to Scrapbook and Cards today.  I is a long shot, but you have to try!

Anyway, I got out the rules for submitting and discovered they are taking submissions for Fall.  Well it really is not a Fall card, and I am also supposed to list the supplies used.  The scraps I used are really from a long time ago, and try as I might, I cannot for the life of me remember what scraps they are.

I loved my design so much, I decided to make it with Fall paper.  So I got out some My Minds Eye and went to work.  I had so much fun, I made two cards AND a layout to submit!  That is where my time has gone.

Cross your fingers!

I am going to include a picture of my original card...please don't share this one, as I used this design for the cards I submitted.  (Not that I have a million followers anyway)

I will be getting back to May and Camp Scrap right away.

Happy Wednesday,

Friday, June 23, 2017

Hooray for Friday!!!!

I am excited to get finished with work, so I can return to Camp Scrap with May Flaum!  :o)

Anyway, today I will share a doodle.  Camp Scrap did doodling on Wednesday.  I am not much of a doodler, so I was racking my brain on what could I do?  My doodles are typically kind of ugly, and I don't like to make ugly things.  I remembered I had a Doodle Genie from Chatter Box, from back in the day.  (I loved Chatter Box)  It was still in the package, unopened and unused. I thought this sounded like a fun alternative, and I was using up what I had once more.  So I got the Doodle Genie out of the package, and started in.  I had a ton of fun, using the new glitter gel pens I got for Christmas from my husband.  I  also used a little bit of stickles, and little bit of Prima Metallic water color paints and some color shine spritz.  It was just plain silly fun!

 Anyway I decided I was going to dry my doodles quickly with my heat tool before I removed the Doodle Genie.  OOPS!  Doodle Genie's are NOT Stencils!  I quickly Melted this one.  :o(

I learned a good lesson, but no more Doodle Genie.

I also had good company at Camp Scrap.  Ashley decided to join me, and also decided she loves Iced Caramel Macchiato's as much as I do!!

So doodle time was a great success.

Have a super weekend!  Hugs    xoxoxoxx      

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Happy Hot Day Friends and Family!

So they are predicting a high of 111 degrees today.  That is mighty hot!!  

I am LOVING Camp Scrap!!  I am thankful for May Flaum and all of the time she has put in to spurring our creativity and helping us to have fun.  

Here is my card I made from Tuesday.  

It is actually 3 cards.  I can't just make one card, because I know I will probably be unhappy with one and want to throw it away.  So I always make two.  I made a third card just from left over scraps.  I used Daisy D's scraps....does anyone remember Daisy D's??  That paper is from 2006, and still as cute as ever.  May inspired me to use what I have and just have fun with it, which is just what I did.  
I am working on Doodling from yesterday.  Camp Scrap is just plain fun.

Love Rhonda

Monday, June 19, 2017

Hello Friends and Family!!

No blogging for over a year!!  WOWEE...if that does not prove time flies, nothing does.

Anyway, I am not going to get into anything personal to tell you why I have not blogged, but will say I will do my best to get  back into the game.

Camp Scrap begins today, May Flaum is so awesome,  and she offers this FUN for FREE for an entire month!!

GET INVOLVED!!  It will spur your creative juices, I can promise you.  :o)