Friday, May 22, 2015

Happy Three Day Creative Weekend!

Howdy Friends and Family!

I know I have been missing in action the last few weeks.  I have been busy, (for me) and have not been creating too much. But my social life has calmed down a bit, so I am back at being creative.

My last post, I told you we were going to go see my daughter Melodie, in Mary Poppins.  She was awesome, and stole the show on many occasions.  She played Mrs. Brill, and I could not have more proud and in awe of  her.

My son Justin came home for Mother's Day weekend.  It was SO nice to have the whole family together.  We had a great visit, and it went way too fast.  He got me a Fit Bit, so I have been walking up a storm.  He always makes sure I have so much fun, and spoils me way more than I deserve.  My daughter got me my happy girly stuff...scrapbook supplies and good smelling creams, sprays and lotions.  I LOVE Mother's Day!!  :o)

So this week I have been working on a tag that my friend Rita sent me.  She is always coming up with interesting things for me to check out.  This tag was a challenge with Swirlydoos.  They had a tutorial making a tag using aluminum foil.  I honestly did not think I would be able to make this, but decided, for my friend Rita's sake, (who thinks I can do anything) I would give it a try.

                         This tutorial was GREAT fun.  I was pretty happy with the results also.

                            Embossing on aluminum foil, inking, spraying, gesso, molding paste....
                                                            oh my gosh, SO much fun!!!

                                        I have more pictures of this if you would like to see.
          I am going to see how much I can create this weekend.  I wish you all fun and happiness.