Sunday, July 31, 2011

Scrapbook Crop

Hi there!
It has been a couple of days since I have written any scrapbooking news, and I DO have a lot to talk about!  I will talk about the most important thing first, and then probably talk about the other stuff over the next couple of days.
I had an awesome time last Saturday, at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique....formally located in Paradise, now located at 555 Flying , Suite 5, here in Chico.  They had their first crop in the new location, and it was really nice.  Twenty-seven ladies were signed up, and ready to crop!  Karen, the owner of the store was a gracious hostess, and made everyone feel welcome and very comfortable.  The crop was from 4 to 11, and I can tell you the time just flew by.
There are so many beautiful and fun new was hard to decide which ones are my favorites, but here are the ones I loved the most.  (for now of course)  :o)
My choice for first place goes to Graphic 45, The Magic of Oz Collection.  The papers are "oh my gosh" so wonderful!  Any of you who might be a Wicked fan, these papers would be great to do any layouts with these papers.
I have more to tell about this wonderful crop, but I think I will go for tonight.  See you tomorrow!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Today I am going to chat about the organization of our scrapbook supplies.  If you like to collect "Stuff", as I do, this is absolutely necessary, so that you can not only collect "Stuff", but also use the "Stuff" that you collect.
I will show examples from time to time, and share pictures of how I have some of my "Stuff"  organized.
I share a space with my honey, Vince. He builds custom guitars, and we enjoy hanging out in our room together.   He is a very supportive Scrapbook husband, and encourages all of my scrapbooking endeavors.
I have organized my scrapbook area many times, and I will probably continue to do so, based on my supply use, and what is convenient.  An example I will use tonight are my acrylic paints.  Paints are a fun medium to use in scrapbooking or card making.  They work especially well with foam stamps.  I love to use them, and have a great many colors.  Here is a picture of how I originally stored them.

Ahhh, when life was simpler.  I now have many more colors, and had to resort to storing them all together in another location.  Here is how I store my paints now.

These three containers hold all of my paints.
If you have acrylic paints, I would love to hear how you store them.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Hello again!
Well, we have a local scrapbook store that just opened down the street from me.  (How lucky is that?)  It is very cute, and they are having their first crop this Saturday.  I will be there, along with my friend in scrapbook crime, Rita.  Rita wanted me to send her a list of what to pack for a crop, so I made one.  People ask me that all the time, so I am posting the list I sent to Rita.  I would like to remind everyone that I usually way over pack.  But more importantly, if you under pack, you can buy what you need at the crop.  That usually covers two bases:  A.)  It is ALWAYS fun to get the latest and greatest from the scrapbook store, and B.)  You ALWAYS, ALWAYS want to support your local Scrapbook Store.  I will try to take some pictures of the new store, and post it this weekend.
Here is my list:

  What to Pack for the Crop
1.  Trimmer
2.  Adhesives any and all types you might use.
3.  Paper
4.  Pictures
5.  Any punches you might want to take.  Keep in mind the store does have lots of punches, and  things to cut stuff out.
6.  Idea book if that helps with layouts.
7.  Any stamps you might think you would use.
8.  Corner Rounder
9.  Any rub- ons or quotes you might use.
10.  Inks
11.  Scissors
12.  Buttons, brads, eyelets, embellishments, or ribbon you might use.  Keep in mind she has lots of ribbon, and if you don't want to over pack we can buy what supplies we want there.
13.  Pencil...pens, markers or colored pencils....IF you think you are going to use them.  Remember we are not there forever....I always over pack and I will try not to this time.  Although, I can't promise.
14.  Something to poke holes with,, in case you want to use brads or eyelets.
15.  Mini Stapler.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


This is my first post, of my first blog ever! 
Everyone tells me I need a blog, so I will give it a try.  Look forward to some cool scrapbook info, as soon as I can get this all figured out.