Monday, June 16, 2014

Hello Friends and Family...Happy Monday!

I decided to post to the blog tonight, as I had something wonderful happen today.

Those that know me, know that one of my favorite things to make is paper dolls.  I started making paper dolls when I was a small girl.  My sisters and I used to make them together.  We would design our own outfits for them and play forever.

So, you can imagine how happy I was when Julie Nutting came out with her paper doll stamps. I love Julie Nutting's work and I am a huge fan.   I have had so much fun making the paper dolls and using them for so many projects.  Making them brings back all of my happy paper doll memories.  Julie just came out with a new book for her paper dolls, and my daughter Melodie pre-ordered it for me for my Mother's Day present. It arrived last week.  It is WONDERFUL!!  So many creative ideas, I could hardly wait to get creating.

I went to a crop at my local scrapbook store on Saturday, (Paradise Scrapbook Boutique) and got busy with my new project.  I had never created anything like this project before.  I was nervous but excited,and I was pretty happy with how it turned out.

BUT to make this story even better, I decided to post my creation to Facebook and see how my friends reacted to it.  I was secretly hoping that Julie Nutting herself might comment on it.  My friends were encouraging as usual, and then I saw what I was hoping for, a comment from Julie Nutting herself!  I was truly on cloud nine, but it got even better.  Julie posted it to her page!!!  I was so excited when I saw it at work , that my friend and co-worker  Chloe, thought I had won something.  :o)  Hence why I said something wonderful happened today.  It meant so much to me, you just don't know.

I would like to thank Julie Nutting for bringing paper dolls back to us "grown up" girls, so that we can have fun and play again.  We love you!

I hope you like my creation.  I sure had fun making it.   Have a happy week everyone.   :o)

Rhonda  xoxo


  1. Wowwwwww!! That is so awesome that she commented and POSTED it to her wall!!!!! This is gorgeous!! LOVING the colors!!!!

    1. Thanks so much Julie. :o) I was just telling my husband about how inspiring you are! You post something creative nearly every day, and seem to have such a wonderful family. Thanks for your encouragement and inspiration. xo

  2. haha, you make me laugh...but seriously, finding your inner child and making the time to just play, is just very important to me. I am very grateful for the people like you that get that!

  3. Thanks for all of the fun and inspiration you provide for all of us! :o) xo

  4. Yayy! This is so cute, I just love it too! Congratulation! I love her cute stamps and have just started using them recently.

    Here's a little canvas that I made:

    Congratulations on your win on the Flying Unicorn Hop! Nice to meet another Rhonda too. ; )

    1. Thank you so much! It is very nice to meet another Rhonda. I am honored that you took the time to look. I looked at your blog, and you are just awesome. My dream is to someday be on a design team like you. If you have any tips or advice I would be happy to listen. Thank you again. :o)