Saturday, March 26, 2016

Hello Friends and Family!

It has been such a long time since I have been on my blog.  That is about to change right now!  I am excited, and pumped and I am going to get my party started.  :o)

Thursday I saw a post on Facebook that has got me fired up and ready to work hard.

 For those of you who know me well, you know this post would make me do a happy dance.  I love paper dolls, and have loved them since I was a small girl.  I discovered Julie Nutting paper doll stamps about 2 years ago, and have been making them ever since.
During my hiatus from my blog, the paper dolls have been my go to fun craft.  I have made MANY of them.  I have mentioned on more than one occasion, that if Julie Nutting ever had a design team call, I was going to try, and do my best.
So with that being said, for the next few weeks I am going to bombard my blog with everything paper doll.  I have never wanted to be on a design team more in my life than on this one.  It will be like wining the lottery to get on this team.  There are so many super talented paper doll makers out there.  But you never know.  I have the heart for paper dolls, and don't want it to be a forgotten art from days gone by.  I want girls to still have the fun of cutting them out, and designing their clothes, just like I did when I was young.
Please, if you are not a member of my blog, I ask you to please become one.  It would mean a lot to me to have your support, and also look better to have more people following.  I need a little fan club right now.
Thank you all for reading this and listening to me over the years.

Wish me luck...I will let you know how I do.



  1. Good luck on the design team call! They would be lucky to have you! I'm new at the dolls and will follow your blog. Thank you for the inspiration! :)

  2. Wish you lots f luck with the design team call :)

  3. The example here is adorable! Good luck with this life wish.

  4. The example here is adorable! Good luck with this life wish.

  5. Good luck!!!! You would rock her products!!! And being another Julie -- I think I am good in saying that! LOL!! Happy Easter!!!!!

  6. are the best!!! You always encourage me. Happy Easter!! :o)

  7. Great blog! I'm excited about Julie's DT call too! Looking forward to more of your dolls. Not sure if I can follow from my phone but I plannto try.

    1. Thanks Paula! Good luck to you too. :o)