Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Hello Friends and Family,

I am not missing and I am not forgetting Camp Scrap!

I just got a tad bit side tracked.  :o)

I was so inspired by Camp Scrap, (and using up my scraps), that I made a card out of scraps.  I was SO HAPPY with the card, it made me want to do something I have yet to try.  Submit my card to Scrapbook and Cards today.  I is a long shot, but you have to try!

Anyway, I got out the rules for submitting and discovered they are taking submissions for Fall.  Well it really is not a Fall card, and I am also supposed to list the supplies used.  The scraps I used are really from a long time ago, and try as I might, I cannot for the life of me remember what scraps they are.

I loved my design so much, I decided to make it with Fall paper.  So I got out some My Minds Eye and went to work.  I had so much fun, I made two cards AND a layout to submit!  That is where my time has gone.

Cross your fingers!

I am going to include a picture of my original card...please don't share this one, as I used this design for the cards I submitted.  (Not that I have a million followers anyway)

I will be getting back to May and Camp Scrap right away.

Happy Wednesday,