Thursday, June 22, 2017

Happy Hot Day Friends and Family!

So they are predicting a high of 111 degrees today.  That is mighty hot!!  

I am LOVING Camp Scrap!!  I am thankful for May Flaum and all of the time she has put in to spurring our creativity and helping us to have fun.  

Here is my card I made from Tuesday.  

It is actually 3 cards.  I can't just make one card, because I know I will probably be unhappy with one and want to throw it away.  So I always make two.  I made a third card just from left over scraps.  I used Daisy D's scraps....does anyone remember Daisy D's??  That paper is from 2006, and still as cute as ever.  May inspired me to use what I have and just have fun with it, which is just what I did.  
I am working on Doodling from yesterday.  Camp Scrap is just plain fun.

Love Rhonda