Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Scrapbook Crop Chapter 3

As promised, I am back for the 3rd installment of last Saturday's crop at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique.
Even among all that beautiful paper my friend Rita and I found time to get a page done.  Usually we get a bit more completed, but between chatting, and looking at all the goodies in the store...well maybe next time.
Anyway, Rita is working on her wedding album.  It was so much fun looking at the old pictures from the 70's.  The hair, the clothes...and Rita and Milton looked so cute!  We had a lot of fun just looking at the pictures.  We decided to do the front and back page of her album.  Here is our finished product.  Next time we will work on all the pages that go in the middle.
If you are interested in attending the next crop, I believe it is in two weeks.  I will keep you updated, as soon as their new calendar comes out.

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